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How to Choose a House Cleaning Service

If you've never used a professional cleaning service before, use the questions below to help you choose between companies:

Is it an established and registered company?

If you hire an individual you are responsible for social security, medicare and unemployment taxes. It’s not worth the headache. Plus all too often individuals behave as if they’re part of your family which makes it awkward if they’re not performing. Instead choose a registered company that has at least 5 years experience and an established business location.

Do they have an A+ BBB rating?

The Better Business Bureau maintains independent ratings on companies and ranks them A+ through F. Don’t be too concerned if there are complaints since the larger the business the higher the probability of them occurring– what matters is how the company responds to concerns. Look for a high rating which is reflective of a good reputation.

Does the company have green certification?

You want your home to be healthy place to live so look for certification at the company level and the product level. For example, Green Clean Certified at the company level and Green Seal certified cleaning products and CRI’s Green Label certified vacuums.

Can they clean, sanitize or disinfect?

There's a big difference between cleaned (reduced soil), sanitized (food safe) and disinfected (viruses & bacteria killed). Decide ahead of time which you need.

Do they have full insurance coverage?

You want to check for at least $1,000,000 in general liability (in case something gets damaged), $500,000 in workers compensation (in case somebody gets damaged) and $25,000 bonding (in case something goes missing).

Does the company stand behind its work?

Find out about their guarantee and quality management systems. They should have both in order to maintain a consistent level of quality over time.

Do the staff have Personal Potective Equipment (PPE)?

For both your satefy & their safety, you want service providers in your home to have access to potective equipment such as masks, gloves, aprons, safety glasses and shoe covers. 

Are cleaning staff full-time employees?

You want to avoid companies that use sub-contractors or part-timers since this can often lead to quality & reliability issues. A company has more control over full time staff.

Do they drive company vehicles & wear uniforms?

Company vehicles increase service reliability and uniforms reduce concerns about strangers around your home.

Do they select and reward the best staff?

After all, companies compete for the best staff and you want the best people in your home. Look for comprehensive criminal background checks, a formal training program, a performance-based bonus and employee benefits.

Do they offer the frequency I want?

Think about how busy your home is with adults, kids and pets - and don’t forget visitors. A busier household is likely to need more frequent cleaning. Typical frequencies are one-time, seasonal, monthly, tri weekly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily.

Can I get a quote over the phone or online?

Before you take time out of your day to meet with the company, see if it’s in your budget. Remember, you often get what you pay for so seek good value & professionalism rather than lowest cost. (Tip: One way to manage cost is by cleaning different parts of the home on different frequencies.)

Do they accept credit cards or electronic checks?

You’re hiring a service to save you time so don’t let having to remember to write a check be a burden. Plus you can choose a credit card reward program if you wish.

Can I meet a representative beforehand?

This gives you the opportunity to ask questions and show the company exactly what you want for regular service. Or you can save time and skip this step and/or meet the team on your first cleaning.

Am I comfortable with this company?

If you can’t answer yes, then don’t hire them. Your home is, well, yours. You want a company you can trust and one that can work with you as your needs change over time.